Senior Research Associate

Senior Research Associate:

  • Molecular biology research, primarily in canola and faba bean.
  • Isolation of signalling pathway genes and multiple uncharacterized genes of Brassica napus, constructing cDNA and subtractive libraries, microarrays, isolation and identification of variant genes, analysing gene expression in transgenic and wild-type plant lines (quantitative rtPCR), methods development.
  • Bioinformatic analysis in legume Vicia faba, 454 library development, sequence assembly, variant identification, identification of candidate genes for key traits.
  • Lab supervision and instruction.
  • Field plot coordination and data analysis.
  • Technical writing (reports, journal articles, grant applications and patent documentation).

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  • CLIENT National Research Council Canada
  • YEAR 2003 - 2011
  • WE DID Senior Research Associate
  • PARTNERS Dr. Heather Ray
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