Research Funding and Grants Guide

Research Funding and Grants Guide:

Dr. Heather Ray primary skill set is research, teaching and developing technical and non-technical literature, project development and grant applications for novel discoveries with respect to:

  • Gene expression and regulation,
  • Plant pathology and plant-microbe interactions, and
  • Plant breeding, field trials and genome analysis.

Rochfort Gene Consulting provide information, expertise and analysis in crop genetics and genomics. Dr. Heather Ray experience is in scientific research on plants, working in biotechnology and plant breeding-related areas for industry, at academic institutions and in federal government laboratories.

About Rochfort Gene Consulting

Rochfort Gene Consulting is an organization committed to helping farmers produce the best crops in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. Our team consists of Agronomy professionals who handle the crop side of your business, and environmental planners who handle the CAFO or LFO regulatory side of the business.

Dr. Heather Ray helps farms to grow better crops and to maintain a strong environmental compliance position. This is achieved through independent, professional agronomy consulting, science based decisions, technological innovation, and a staff dedicated to the success of our clients.

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