Field Nursery Manager

Managing field nursery and staff for plant breeding program (Brassica Carinata); statistical analysis and reports; seed lab; lab analysis.

At least six thousand acres in western North Dakota and eastern Montana have been contracted by Canadian seed producer Agrisoma Biosciences to grow Brassica carinata, a type of mustard whose tiny seeds are crushed to produce jet fuel. The company hopes farmers in the MonDak will like the crop enough to ramp up production toward a goal of 50,000 acres planted in the United State.

About Agrisoma

Agrisoma develop and sell seed for a crop called Brassica Carinata – a non-food, industrial oil seed that delivers high-quality oil that is ideal for use in the biofuel industry, and high-quality protein that is used as animal feed.

  • CLIENT Agrisoma Biosciences
  • YEAR 2014 - 2016
  • WE DID Field Nursery Manager
  • PARTNERS Dr. Heather Ray
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